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  • funny dancing cactus

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    Sold By: Lobna

    Cactus the funny multi-talented dancer 🌵💃💚
    The most perfect gift you can give to make your children, friends and girlfriend happy..😍💓
    Suitable for children from 6 months to 30 years old😂
    The most famous, fun and best-selling game in the world 👌
    It contains a variety of songs, and you can record and repeat the song for 15 seconds too 😍
    Made of soft fabric that does not harm children. . .
    The cactus sings, imitates and dances 😍
    #the cactus is in charging and in batteries
    We have a home delivery service
    Quantity is limited

    Sold By: Lobna

    funny dancing cactus

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