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  • Abdominal corset

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    Sold By: New Trend
    To boost calorie burning
    The advanced Cami Hot fabric technology is designed to increase body temperature during exercise,
    Which leads to burning fat faster, which in turn leads to weight loss.
    What could be better than burning more calories without making a hard effort?
    This shirt does it for you.
    Stylishly designed, seamless and guaranteed to be effective and exquisite
    No more weird stickers, zippers, or other details rubbing your skin. Just wear it and feel the elasticity of the fabric hugging the fat.
    Fabric for maximum comfort: Made of 100% latex-free neoprene, Cami Hot . is used
    Flexibility to provide lasting comfort, movement and stretch with your body. It is designed to make the fat melt as quickly as possible while providing the same thermal boosting effect.

    Available in different sizes..

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